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Buffalo Horn Carved American Bald Eagle
Buffalo Horn Carved American Bald Eagle
This is a stunning work of art, and extremely cool! This exquisite American Bald Eagle was hand carved from water buffalo horn. The rich colors are all natural - brought out by carving into the horn.

It is so highly detailed that you can see every individual feather on his mighty wings!

This comes from North Thailand. It was carved by an old man who, interestingly enough (since he carves mostly animals) is named Nok - which means "bird" in Thai. He has been carving for over 50 years, and the accumulated skill of those years shows in his work.

An incredible amount of talent and time goes into producing carvings of this quality.

For the eagle lover or collector, this is a truly unique work of art. You will not find these anywhere else - and none of your friends have one!

This piece is approx. 4" tall.

Since these are hand made, each one is slightly different, but Nok was careful to make them essentially the same


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Price: US$ 16.95

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