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Thai Buddha Buddhist Amulet - Soumkour
Thai Buddha Buddhist Amulet - Soumkour
This is a beautiful image of the Buddha from Thailand. This particular style is called "Soumkhor", and it comes from the Khamphaeng Phet area in north Thailand. It is one of the most popular amulets in Thailand. It is believed to bring peace and prosperity to the wearer.

This particular image shows the Buddha seated in a meditation position, meditating in the rain under the protection of the Naga, a great 7-headed snake. The story is that the Naga desired to be ordained into the monkhood. The rules forbid it; but the Buddha gave the snake instruction in the 5 Buddhist precepts so that if he followed them, he could be reborn as human in his next life and enter the monkhood. The Naga used his body to form a meditation platform for the Buddha, using his great 7-headed body to form a canopy to shelter BUddha from the rain.

It is handmade from terracotta mixed with dried herbs and hemp, and is housed in a stainless protective housing with a transparent plastic front to allow viewing. Amulet is approx. 1-1/4" tall and 1" wide.

We handcarried this particular batch of amulets to the famous Wat Soi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai, where they were blessed by the monk in attendance in the shrine.

The Soumkhor Buddha images are so respected in Thailand that the government recently released a series of postage stamps honoring 5 different Buddha amulets - one of which is Soumkhor. See the photo below.

About Thai Buddha Amulets:

The Thai people practice Theravada Buddhism, and surround themselves with images of the Buddha to remind themselves of the spirituality they strive to attain.

Most Thai Buddhist amulets are terracotta tablets such as this one, although they are also made from bronze, wood and gold. Some amulets even contain the ashes of famous monks who have been cremated.

The value of a particular amulet depends on many factors: the age of the amulet, the fame of the monk who created it, whether that amulet has been worn by the King or used in battle, and a host of other factors.

It is Thai tradition that holy amulets should be worn around the neck, never carried in the pocket, and never placed near or lower than the feet, considered the lowest and uncleanest part of the body. Please respect this tradition, and enjoy this sacred Buddha image.

Please note: All amulets we sell were created within the last 10 years. There are many sellers who will try to convince you that they are selling an "old", "vintage", "antique" or "original" amulet for $20, $50 or $100. They are frauds. The Thais are extremely serious about their amulets, and original ancient amulets sell for thousands of US dollars in Thailand. I have an old original 100 year old Soumkhor amulet which was passed down through my wife's family in north Thailand that is valued at over $25,000.00 - and my father-in-law turned down an offer of that much to pass it on to me. Don't be fooled into believing you are buying a true antique Thai amulet on the Internet for $50 - it's simply not going to happen.

Since these are handmade, each one is slightly different, but the monks are careful to make them all essentially the same.As always - money back guarantee if not delighted!


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Price: US$ 19.95

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